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Crikey, it’s been a bit of a while since I last updated this blog, hasn’t it? Well, it’s not for lack of action. Quite the contrary… I’ve been so busy with all sorts of stuff I don’t really get time to sit and write blogs. A lot of the updates I share (as do many […]

A productive week

I actually managed to have a week off work and pretty much stuck to my promise to myself not to check any work emails for seven days. It was great just being able to sleep in a bit, catch up on a bit of telly-watching, do a bit of cooking… and most of all get […]

Appearance on WHCR FM 106.9

On Monday, December 5, I had the pleasure of appearing on West Hull Community Radio. I was asked to do some live tracks after Max Roberts, who does the folk hour on Mondays from 7pm-8pm, got in touch with the folk club I regularly attend. I firstly directed him towards the stuff I’ve done on […]

Hannah James and Sam Sweeney, folk club 26/09/11

Saw these two at the (Not) The White Horse Folk Club in Beverley last night… and stunningly talented they were too. Sam is an exceptional fiddler (by that I mean he’s good on the violin, not at avoiding the taxman) and Hannah is a superb accordionist and singer, and also an out-of-this-world clog dancer. They’re […]

Cropton Folk and Roots Festival 2011

In September, Beggar’s Bridge were delighted to be able to play at the Cropton festival in North Yorkshire. This was our first proper folk festival, having previously played pub gigs in and around Hull to audiences which were appreciative but not really folkies, so it was great to play to the converted for once. The […]

Archived news

January 2011: I’m in a band! The guys from Hull-based Beggars Bridge have invited me to do a bit of singing and whistling for an upcoming series of gigs, which I’m really looking forward to. Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing my singing at the folk club – recent support slots have included Steve Tilston, one of […]