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People power

I just wanted to write a few words about an event in my home city recently. The Humber Street Sesh took place on Saturday, August 4, in an area near the city’s marina that has, of late, seen considerable decline since the traditional fruit market moved away. It is largely populated by derelict buildings and […]

What is folk?

Ok, that’s a pretty big question that I’m clearly not going to be able to answer definitively here in this little old blog. But recent gigs and events have had me musing on what ‘folk’ means to me, at any rate, so here goes… In a nutshell, I believe that ‘folk’, as the word suggests, […]

Culture of underachievement

This is something I’ve been musing on for some time now and I’ve been struggling to put it into words (so bear with me). But it has been in my mind in recent months, having watched a number of top-notch folk artists at a variety of venues and thought, “Why can’t I do what they’re […]

X Factor antidote? Folk is the answer!

This is the first time I’ve really written a considered piece on my blog; it’s been prompted by The X Factor (finally) ending last night, but I’ve had a few folk-related thoughts buzzing around my mind lately, so here goes… The X Factor, then. I mean, no-one really expects it to produce any singers or […]