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Land and Sea



Product Description

Land and Sea is the second album from Sam Martyn. Featuring a collection of traditional and contemporary songs, backed by piano keyboard, harmonium and guitar, with a couple of haunting a cappella tracks.


Track listing:


1. Rosie Anderson
2. Clerk Sandy
3. Polly Vaughn
4. Winter Song
5. Velvet Green
6. The Monaghan Jig/Nora Crionna
7. Standing in Line


8. Lord Franklin
9. The Oggie Man
10. High on the North Sea Strand
11. Rounding the Horn
12. Kia Kaha
13. The Grey Selkie


All tracks traditional, arranged by Sam Martyn, except: 4 – Alan Hull; 5 – Anna Shannon; 7 – Lester Simpson; 9 – Cyril Tawney; 10 & 12 – Al Catton


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